OpenKey - Keyless Entry


  • Open Key is an app that allows guests to use their smart phone as their room key. 
  • The Openkey App is Available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 
  • Guests will be able to use the OpenKey system to access common areas and amenities like the fitness centers and pools.
  • A notification will be sent when the guest room is ready. 

1. Bluetooth must be turned on for app to work. 

2. Please accept all push notifications for the OpenKey App. This screen will come up when the app is opened for the first time


Search the OpenKey available hotels and select Avista Resort


  • This is for the guest who is offered/requested OpenKey and is given a mobile key from the front desk.
  • Text message will be sent to download the app with a code to receive their key. Guest will have to enter phone number and code.  

This is for the guest who wants to register an account for easier use in the future. Guests who register are able to send an ETA to a hotel. Guests will create an account with name, email, and password. They will also enter their phone number. A text will be sent with a code to finish registering the account. They will get a notification once they have access to their room. Once their account is setup they will not need a code again.

This guest already has an account and has to login with their phone/email and password. This guest is able to send ETA and use the Chat with hotel feature in  the future as well.

  •  Once the key has been processed, you will be directed to the home screen. 
  •  The home screen shows check-out info, room number and also the wifi-password. The room number can be hidden by clicking the eye button next to the room number. The eye can be clicked again to display the room number. 
  •  To get into the room, tap on the OpenKey icon in the bottom center of the screen. 



Registered guest will be able to chat with the front desk by using this feature. Press the chat icon in the top right corner to initiate the chat with the front desk. Please note that in order to use this feature, users must be registered. 


Q: How long does the open key process take?

A: The OpenKey process takes under a minute to download the app, and three to five seconds to unlock the door.


Q: Is it safe and secure?

A: Yes, it has bank-level security.


Q: How does a guest use the phone to open the hotel room door?.

A: Open the OpenKey app and tap the key icon to activate the key. Place phone against the lock. The phone will vibrate and the lock will flash green to indicate the door unlocked.