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In this blog I will prove the existence of magic. Yes – you read this right. I, a simple marketing specialist will do what millions have tried to do in the past. It is quite simple, really. In fact – everyone has full access to this ubiquitous sorcery which manifests itself into a frozen alchemy that creates instant emotion and even can bend the very existence of time and space. This boon from the heavens is called…Ice Cream.

Ice Cream is, indeed magic. Magic is defined as “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” , which is indeed the very essence of Ice Cream. When we even think about Ice Cream, several magical and physiological things happen: Our brains are flooded with dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals related to happiness and joy. We remember not only the sweet, cold taste of milk, sugar, chocolate, fruit, and candy, but also the wonderful memories associated with ice cream. This is magic! Pizza is probably second place in this magical food grand prix, but it doesn’t come close to the prestige and love associated with the creamage! Birthday parties, holidays, summer vacations, and celebrations of all types are criminally incomplete without ice cream. This amazingly magical treat isn’t just for joyous occasions, either. There’s no better food to get us out of a funk or sad times than ice cream. Bad day at work: Ice Cream. Broke your arm in a freak chess accident: Ice Cream. Don’t like Mondays?: Ice Cream!

Ice cream also can make time travel possible without the help of plutonium and a flux capacitor! When we eat ice cream – especially that which reminds us of our past – we time travel! How many times have you seen someone take a bite of ice cream and their eyes get big, they look off into the middle distance and all of a sudden, they are still right here, but somewhere else entirely. Whenever I eat a banana fudge bomb pop, I am mystically transported to 1986 in Danville, VA. It’s summer, my cousins and I are playing and I can hear the beautifully simple, yet slightly distorted rendition of London Bridge is Falling Down from the white ice cream truck which blessed our neighborhood nightly. I can even see the peeling and faded stickers on the side of the truck and remember how my mind would scramble to do math as we waited in line to see if we can get both a Micky Mouse Ice Cream bar AND a Strawberry Shortcake Crunch. Pure time-travel synesthesia.

See? It’s Magic!

As I mentioned before, one of the best associations of good times and ice cream is a summer vacation. Beach vacations are even better and we are so very lucky to have some of the BEST spots to help create more great memories and to naturally chemically stimulate mental and flavorful ecstasy. Here’s how YOU can get your fill of Ice Cream Magic in North Myrtle Beach!


Well, we couldn’t start these recommendations without beginning with the king of North Myrtle Beach ice cream, Painters. This North Myrtle Beach fixture has delighted generations of travelers and locals since 1952. Their ice cream is 100% homemade and you can taste the care and love in each bite. It’s such a great place to visit after a round of miniature golf, a long, hard day of relaxing on the beach, or after a wonderful meal at a fantastic NMB restaurant. You’ll frequently find folks patiently lined up (a telling review of their quality!) but the queue moves quickly thanks to the expertise of Painter’s staff. No vacation to NMB is complete without a visit!

Try: Their Banana Ice Cream is probably the best I have ever had! There’s something about that warm, salty ocean breeze that compliments the tropical taste.


A relative newcomer to the NMB ice cream scene, Melt is located in the heart of Main St., a convenient walking distance from beautiful resorts like Avista. Melt’s motto cuts to the core of everything: “Sunshine. Salt Air. And ice cream.” What more do you need? Melt graced the Ocean Drive area in 2017 and has quickly become a must-visit destination for repeat travelers. Homemade and Hershey’s flavored ice cream will delight even the most seasoned ice cream connoisseurs. The folks at Melt pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients and their portions are generous and perfect.

Try: The Peach Cobbler ice cream. This new flavor is just like momma – it makes everything all better!

The O.D. Pavilion Ice Cream Shop

The O.D. Pavilion Ice Cream Shop is truly a step back into time. If you want a taste of what it was like during the heyday of classic cars, shag, and beach music – this is your place! Located right on the ocean off of Main St., this wonderful oasis of frozen salvation not only has some of the best ice cream on the beach, it’s open late, too! Snow-cones, Sundaes, Funnel Cakes, Soft Serve, and more toppings than you can shake a stick at! They also feature parfaits that will knock your socks off! When you come off the beach and need something to cool you down, there’s no place better.

Try: An “Arctic Freeze”. Pick your favorite topping from over 25+ and they’ll mix it in their famous soft-serve vanilla ice cream. It’s Divine!

The Crazy Mason

Now THIS is magical – The Crazy Mason has opened their second location on the Grand Strand in North Myrtle Beach and everyone is excited to try their over-the-top creations! The Crazy Mason is perhaps the most unique milkshake bar in the world. Their delightful constructions walk the fine line between genius and madness! Served in a mason jar, you’ll find the finest ice cream and freshest ingredients with the volume turned up to ELEVEN! Take their “Sweet Cheesus”, for example: Strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a strawberry swirled jar with a vanilla buttercream rim rolled in crushed cones. Topped with a huge slice of cheesecake, strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, whipped topping, and graham cracker crumbs. I can die now….      Located at the 810 Bowling center in NMB, you can’t miss it. Be sure to take a selfie with your giant treat so your family and friends will do a double take on social media!

Try: “I like Big Buns” – Cinnamon Sugar Ice Cream in a marshmallow swirled jar with a vanilla buttercream rim rolled in Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Topped with a pull-apart cinnamon bun, vanilla icing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and whipped topping.

The next trip you take to North Myrtle Beach, don’t settle for store-bought ice cream sandwiches or those freeze pops that cut the sides of your mouth! Experience true joy with your family at one of these rewarding eateries. Years from now, you and your family will be somewhere they serve amazing ice cream. You’ll take a bite and be able to call back memories of great times hanging out with the people you love the most. See? Magic.

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Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

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North Myrtle Beach Ice Cream