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Posted on 3/21/2022

Avista Resort Goes Over the Edge!

Over the Edge is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event!For some, its sheer terror and the stuff of nightmares and for some, its exhilarating and fulfilling. No, Im not talking about a Justin Beiber concert - Im talking about whats coming to North Myrtle Beach and Avista

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Posted on 3/8/2022

St. Patrick's Day Parade in North Myrtle Beach

Avista is just two blocks away from all the great festivities! Its Finally Back! The North Myrtle Beach Annual St. Patricks Day Parade and Festival is returning this year on Saturday, March 19th! After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, locals and visitors alike can return to

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Posted on 12/30/2021

New Mobile Check-in Makes Avista Resort the Leaders in Technology at the Beach!

Reduced Contact Mobile Check-inLets face it - things have changed! As we are entering year 3 of the pandemic, we have all had to change and adapt. Gatherings, dining out, church, sports, and even going to the movies have been altered and reduced. We have sacrificed a bit of convenience to do...

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Posted on 11/15/2021

Get Back to the True Meaning of the Holidays - At The Beach!

Get Back to the True Meaning of the HolidaysSo many times throughout the holiday season each year, we all say the same thing: Things have become too materialized or Christmas used to be so much more fun when things were simpler. The good ol days did seem more

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Posted on 9/1/2021

"GET LOW" in the South Carolina Low Country

Get LowThere's nothing quite like the Low Country...The South Carolina Low CountryIf youve taken a trip to our beautiful coast here in South Carolina, youve surely heard the term Low Country. It is present in folk tales, store names, food dishes, and

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Posted on 5/31/2021

North Myrtle Beach Ice Cream

In this blog I will prove the existence of magic. Yes - you read this right. I, a simple marketing specialist will do what millions have tried to do in the past. It is quite simple, really. In fact - everyone has full access to this ubiquitous sorcery which manifests itself into a frozen alchemy

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Posted on 2/17/2021

Great Expectations

"The Pursuit of Perfection is, inherently, a flawed concept" - Johnny WilkinsonTheres nothing quite like getting excited about a vacation. The anticipation builds as you get closer and closer to your departure. You start counting down the days, your co-workers are completely sick of hearing

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