Thanksgiving at the Beach

Pumpkin on the Beach for Thanksgiving

Traditionally, when we think of Thanksgiving, we think of home. Not just the domicile in which we live, grew up in, or where our relatives may happen to stay – but HOME. Home is where the heart is, they say – and it couldn’t be truer. Home is spending time with those who matter most. Home is catching up with folks that you haven’t spoken with in far too long. Home is that feeling where you look around at everyone at gatherings and feel that warmth and love that spreads from deep within. People today have schedules that keep them ever so busy and this year particularly, has been absolutely crazy! Perhaps now, more than ever, we all need to experience that feeling of HOME. I just might have the perfect solution to get everyone together for that long overdue TLC: Thanksgiving at the Beach.

Thanksgiving at the beach is quickly becoming one of the most popular vacations that families, friends, and couples are taking. Church groups, reunions, and sports teams have also recently gotten in on the action. Here’s several reasons why so many decide to visit the beach for Turkey Day each year:

  1. Change Things Up!

As I mentioned before, many folks today have crazy schedules. The traditional Thanksgiving of going to Grandma’s house may not be possible anymore for many reasons. Now, it’s easy to get in the car, drive a few hours, and plan a simpler meal while watching all the football games and parades oceanfront! You’ll be right at home in your spacious living room. How cool would it be to post on social media “Here’s our turkey!” and the beautiful ocean is visible in the background through the sliding glass door. With temps this year expected to stay in the 70’s, you’ll be able to have that much needed nap while listening to waves and feeling that refreshing ocean breeze! Break tradition, I say!

Beautiful Table Setting on the Oceanfront
Thanksgiving Dinner while Dolphin Watching? Yes, Please!
  • 2. There’s lots to do.

This time of year is always a terrific time to visit the Grand Strand. There’s always festivals going on, as well as AMAZING shopping deals to be had at our unique shops, Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach, Coastal Grand Mall, Bass Pro Shop, and the very popular Tanger Outlets. The Christmas shows at the Carolina Opry, Pirates Voyage, and Alabama Theater are in full swing. Get into the spirit early and see an exciting show after picking up the perfect gift for Aunt Karen! It’s such a great time to create memories with your loved ones as you explore shops and see things you can’t see anywhere else. Of course, the main attraction is taking a relaxing walk along the beach, looking for shells and shark teeth. Make those memories!

South Strands Greatest Christmas Show
Get into the early Christmas Spirit at one of the many Grand Strand shows!
  • 3. Cost.

Traditional Thanksgivings can get EXPENSIVE! A full turkey dinner with all the necessary peripherals and accompaniments can reach into the hundreds of dollars! There are more Thanksgiving dinner deals just in North Myrtle Beach than you can shake a stick at! Traditional dinners can be found, as well as specialty dining, and HUGE discounts on seafood buffets. You’ll especially save a bunch dining at our in-house restaurant, “Just Off Main”, while feasting on expertly prepared meals with gourmet sides and delicious desserts. Don’t worry about washing dishes or leftovers. Give yourself a break and make more time for fun. You won’t even have to leave the resort if you don’t want! Plus – you’ll find some of the best rates of the year. You can’t lose!

Oceanfront Rental for Thanksgiving- Living Room View
THIS can be where you enjoy Turkey Day this year!
  • 4. Room and Space.

Maybe you live in a smaller home, condo, or apartment. Maybe you don’t feel like playing host or hostess to everyone. Maybe Cousin Scott can be a little annoying if the Cowboys aren’t playing well! It’s sometimes not easy at Thanksgiving, but it can be when you book a spacious 3-bedroom oceanfront condo or two! Grandpa’s snoring, Timmy’s whining, and Susan’s 5 A.M. aerobics won’t dampen your holiday relaxation! You’ll have plenty of room and everyone can enjoy their own bedroom (and bath!), complete with flat screen tv’s. Sometimes, you need to create a new feeling of “home”!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and book your Thanksgiving getaway in North Myrtle Beach at the GORGEOUS Avista Resort! Call us at number at the top of the screen and let US help YOU get that much needed feeling of “HOME” at the beach!

See you soon!


Jason Coker

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. Having survived many Traditional Thanksgivings with a large family, he understands how wonderful it is to get away to the beach! An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

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Thanksgiving at the Beach